Protective gloves.

As if it's not mass-produced

We constantly refine each piece of our technology
as we believe that protective gloves are to:


So we made them solid


Just as a thin layer of concrete, gloves nowadays won't act durable; competitors minimize costs and use materials scarcely. We went the other way around and even further than ever: our technology enables "world-record" thickness of knitted gloves (420 tex density).


Combining materials in knitted gloves is hard if standard easy-to-use machines are employed. That is why even premium gloves are 100% Kevlar or alike. We made some engineering changes to the unpopular equipment: now we enjoy creating composite knittings with nearly any materials.


Through trial and error we found a secret ingridient - the proportion of materials and thicknesses that is to be followed. It harmonises the features of the materials and makes gloves fit better. So our 40% Kevlar model is harder than a regular 100% one. And of course we adjust this formula to each model.


To reinforce thin knitting, glove producers coat them by dipping in polymers. Such gloves make your hands sweat and you pull them off. Our thick composite doesn't require coating to be solid, so it breathes and fits sustainably. No coating also means no latex or other allergens. To improve our gloves and keep the features we are working on a totally different coating technology.

Here is the performance test

Our current models


Polypropylene, recycled cotton, polyester
Wood, tilework, stone
110 g
420 tex
27 cm


Recycled cotton, polyester
Wet objects, hand tools
94 g
390 tex
27 cm


Recycled Kevlar, recycled cotton, polyester
Hot, sharp objects
82 g
360 tex
27 cm

We have started!

We moved our production and office with the beginning of 2018.
Now we are allocated in the beautiful city of Varna in Bulgaria on Petko Staynov 12 (contacts page)

For previous 20 years we have been refining our technologies in Russia, known as "Fabrika Perchatok" (website)

Produce with us

Having altered the approach to production of knitted gloves, we are pending a patent.
Now we invite you to conduct the test sales in your region and order a turn-key factory from us.

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